Where to Buy The Long Dark?

Buy The Long Dark digitally or on disc through these fine stores!

The Long Dark is available both as a digital download or, thanks to our partnership with Skybound Games, as a physical disc through retailers for Xbox One and PS4. Below is a list of the major outlets where you can buy The Long Dark worldwide.?Each retail copy?includes a downloadable soundtrack, as well as a printed Field Journal?with a map of Great Bear Island.

This list is accurate as of November?30th, 2018. We will be updating it as needed.

DIGITAL (all platforms)

* Steam (PC, MAC, Linux)
*?Microsoft Store?(Xbox One, Windows 10)
* PlayStation Store?(PS4)
*?Humble Store?(PC, MAC, Linux)
*?WeGame?(PC, MAC, Linux)

RETAIL (Xbox One & PS4)

* Canada?– Skybound Games (Xbox One,?PS4)
* Canada – EB Games (Xbox One, PS4)

*?United States – Skybound Games (Xbox One, PS4)
*?United States –?Amazon (Xbox One, PS4)
*?United States?–?Gamestop (Xbox One,?PS4)
*?United States?–?Target (Xbox One only)
*?United States?–?Walmart (Xbox One only)

*?Australia?– Amazon (Xbox One,?PS4)
*?Australia?–?EB Games (Xbox One,?PS4)
*?Australia?–?JB Hi-Fi (Xbox One,?PS4)

*?Belgium – Games Mania (Xbox One,?PS4)

*?Denmark –?GameStop (Xbox One,?PS4)
*?Denmark –?Proshop (Xbox One,?PS4)

*?Finland –?GameStop (Xbox One,?PS4)
*?Finland –?Proshop (Xbox One,?PS4)
*?Finland – Verkkokauppa (Xbox One,?PS4)

* France – Amazon (Xbox One, PS4)
* France – CDiscount (PS4 only)
* France – Cultura (Xbox One, PS4)
* France – FNAC (Xbox One, PS4)
* France – Leclerc (Xbox One, PS4)
* France – Micromania (Xbox One,?PS4)

* Germany – Amazon (Xbox One, PS4)
* Germany – GameStop (Xbox One, PS4)
* Germany – MediaMarkt (Xbox One, PS4)
* Germany – Müller (Xbox One,?PS4)
* Germany – Saturn (Xbox One, PS4)

*?Ireland – Littlewoods (Xbox One,?PS4)

*?Italy –?Gamelife (Xbox One,?PS4)
*?Italy –?Game?People (Xbox One,?PS4)
*?Italy –?GameStop (Xbox One,?PS4)

*?Netherlands – Games Mania (Xbox One,?PS4)

*?Norway –?GameStop (Xbox One,?PS4)
* Norway –?Proshop (Xbox One,?PS4)

*?Spain –?Amazon?(Xbox One,?PS4)
*?Spain –?El Corte Inglès?(PS4 only)
*?Spain – FNAC?(Xbox One, PS4)
*?Spain –?GAME (Xbox One,?PS4)
*?Spain –?MediaMrkt (PS4 only)

*?Sweden –?GameStop (Xbox One,?PS4)
*?Sweden –?Proshop (Xbox One,?PS4)
*?Sweden – Spel & S?nt (PS4 only)

*?United Arab Emirates – Virgin Megastore?(Xbox One,?PS4)
*?United?Arab Emirates –?Geekay (Xbox One,?PS4)

*?United Kingdom –?Amazon (Xbox One,?PS4)
*?United Kingdom –?Argos (Xbox One,?PS4)
*?United Kingdom – GAME (Xbox One,?PS4)
*?United Kingdom –?Littlewoods?(Xbox One,?PS4)
*?United Kingdom –?Very (Xbox One,?PS4)